Alef-Vinal Crimea is a powerful integrated production facility that makes it possible to produce more than 31 million bottles of high-quality alcoholic beverages annually. Over 17 years of its work in the alcoholic beverages’ market, the Company has gained a vast and unique experience in creating a range of outstanding alcohol brands. Our team numbers about 2,200 staff members who are real professionals united and inspired by shared ideas.

Today, Alef-Vinal Crimea possesses the most up-to-date production facilities. It created its own base of raw materials and, together with its brands, it has become popular in many countries, including the USA, countries of the South America, Europe and Asia. More than 120 awards received at national and foreign competitions are eloquent of this.

All the products produced by Alef-Vinal Crimea are made from Company’s own raw materials at high-tech ultramodern production facilities, including four full-cycle production centres.

Alef-Vinal is made up by four stand-alone enterprises: Starokrymsky, Burliuk wineries, Bagerovo vintage cognacs distillery (Crimea) and Alef-Vinal Crimea wine and cognac bottling factory in Pochtovoye village.

Uniqueness – this is what comes to your mind when you think about the Crimea. The same concept is the key one when we talk about Alef-Vinal and its collection of trademarks, which includes both unique light wines, fabulous eco-vodka and exquisite and delicate cognacs.

We invite you to watch a corporate video about our company. The history of the company’s establishment and development, production and creation of unique brands.

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