Published:27.02.2018 in 19:02

Prodexpo-2018 – Crimean Villa Krim wines are again awarded with gold medals for excellent quality of the product.

This year, wines of Alef-Vinal Crimea are once again awarded with gold medals for their excellent quality, according to the results of blind tasting at the largest food exhibition of the country — Prodexpo-2018.

— TM Villа Krim Chardonnay. Crimean wine of European quality

— TM Villа Krim Original (Author’s wine) Cabernet Pinot Noir. Crimean wine of European quality.

The wines that won the awards are a reflection of exceptional Crimean terroirs.

This is what distinguishes them from their competitors. The company’s vineyards – Alef-Vinal Crimea, are located in the area with a unique terroir, where salty air of the Black Sea is constantly mixed with fresh air of the Crimean Mountains, making it possible to create wine with bright and unique organoleptic properties. Due to the professionalism of winemakers having long-term experience, Villa Krim wines have been pleasing consumers with their rich bouquet and multifaceted aroma for many years.

When creating our original (Author’s) collection, our winemakers do not use standard blends. Grapes for the author’s wine are picked at different times depending on the type of soil. Grape varieties are selected in such a way that, on the one hand, they emphasize their bright features, and, on the other hand, they harmoniously expand the palette of flavours and aromas. In words, it is all mathematics, but in the end, it turns out to be an amazing original wine with a special aroma and flavour.

It is worth noting that the Crimea is a symbol of wine and warm sea.

Today, our vineyards have reached a quality level that enables us to create unique wines.

Awards received at prestigious international exhibitions prove that Alef-Vinal Crimea’s products meet the highest international quality standards.

With particular pride, we want to inform you that from 2018 the entire line of Villa Krim collection will be produced in the category of wines with the protected geographical indication “Crimea”. For consumers, this guarantees a high-quality, natural and unique product.

We hope that you will appreciate our another victory.